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[S 23] Basketball Springfield League - Bob Keefer Center  Basketball

Spring 2023
Apr 9 ’23
Jun 26 ’23
Hop Valley Brewing

Basketball Leagues For All Levels - Springfield Leagues at Bob Keefer Center

Playground Sports Basketball Leagues is the premiere adult basketball league in the Willamette Valley. Basketball leagues runs year round offering various levels of competitive to recreational leagues including:

A League: Most Competitive, 35 second shot clock.
B League: Competitive, higher experience.
C League: Competitive, moderate experience.
D League: Less competitive league, limited experience.
E League: Light competitive league, minimal or limited experience.
Rec League: Recreational league all about fun. Rec division caters to less experienced adults (age 18+) and work teams out to get some exercise and have some fun in an organized league setting.

Teams consist of 6-10 people. Individual and team sign-ups are available; see basketball division registration for more details about upcoming leagues, fees, and other riff raff. Join teambasket and have a ball.

Ways to Register:

  • Sponsored Teams: Contact Bec at to get instructions regarding registration of players without fees and invoicing to sponsors. Team fee is $750 ($50 team fee is non-refundable).
  • Captains: Sign up to hold your team's spot ($50 team fee + individual player registration fee). Captains will send out roster invites (online via Playground Sports account) for your teammates to join your team. Each player must individually register for the team and pay their team fee. If the team does not have the minimum number of registered players required by the deadline, the team will NOT be included on the schedule. All players will receive individual player registration fee refunds, however, the $50 team fee will not be refunded if the team is not included on the schedule.
  • Team Player: For players who have been invited/asked to join a team. Captain has already registered the team slot. Players may either use the invitation to join the team emailed by their captain or register directly online for as a team player. Simply choose the team name from the drop-down list during registration and your captain will be informed and asked to accept your registration.
  • Small Groups: For friends wanting to play together but don't have enough players for a full team. Each player will register individually entering the same small group name to ensure players are placed with correct players.
  • Free Agents: For individuals needing a team.

Contact with any questions or for assistance with registration.

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