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[SU24] Game Night - Karaoke League  Karaoke · Any Social

Summer 2024
Jul 21 ’24
Aug 11 ’24
Registration Dates:
Jun 3 ’24 – Jul 16 ’24 regular
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 6:00pm to 8:00pm

3 Weeks of Seeding, 1 Week of Playoffs - Sing Until You Lose!

Team Fees
Regular $45.00 per player + 4.5% Processing Fee
Free Agent Fees
Regular $45.00 + 4.5% Processing Fee

Playground Sports is excited to introduce the inaugural season of Game Night - Karaoke League!

We have taken your favorite shower time activity (or at least top 5) and meshed it to create the fun of team activity.


Teams of 4-6 singers will compete for 3 weeks of pool play for seeding in the epic singing playoffs in the 4th week to determine which team earn bragging rights and the golden microphone! Teams will be matched up against another team each week for seeding points. Teams will be matched-up against another team to perform 2 solo songs and 1 group song during the night. ALL team members must perform at least 1 solo during the 3 weeks of pool play. Playoffs rules and theme will be announced on the final week of seeding.

ALL TEAMS will check in by 6pm at PLAY in the cocktail lounge (team members and spectators must be 21+). All team captains will receive a ballot for each of the evenings match-up (minus their own match-up) and will award points to the battling teams to help determine the winner of the match-up. Don't worry captains, you will need to use your team for this process, so you don't need to feel the pressure alone! 

Question: But Bec, how do we judge the awesomeness of the singers? 
Answer: I have made it real easy for ya, there are 3 categories: CEC

Costumes, each week will be a theme, teams will not only dress-up but will choose songs based on the theme.
xecution, knowledge of words (yes they will be on the screen but that don't mean nothing reading and singing are very different) and vocals. Yes, you need to NOT sound like a yeti howling in the woods after losing it's iPhone.
horeography, this is how well you move and entertain the audience! Don't just sit on a stool with a mic in your hand, you got to make the audience feel engaged.

Plus, the KJ and guest judges will have input too, this is not Lord of the Flies! Winners are not based solely on team votes, they are a factor, but the KJ & guest judges will determine final winner based on the CEC.

The kick is that once a song has been performed, it CANNOT be performed again during the season or playoff battle.

Team captains will submit song choices for pool play no later than 72 before the league begins.  Weekly themes will be included in your registration receipt, so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start to make decisions about song choices. Remember, songs only get 1 life during the season, so early registration and requests are an advantage. 

Question: But Bec, what if we have a better idea after we submitted our songs for the season?
Answer: I got ya boos. 
Teams may make any song change on the night of the league to the KJ prior to 6pm as long as the song has not been taken by another team already.  

The karaoke experience brought to you by Caught in the Act. So, get your band back together and get ready to impress. 

have a ball.

If you have any questions, please contact Bec at

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